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Apostle Adrian & Dr. Kimara Weeks

About Us

Grace and Peace, Pastors. I am elated that you are considering walking in covenant with this great move of God. The United Assembly of Christian Churches (UACC), is an inner-denominational, multi-cultural consortium of ministries that has been called by God to uplift Communities.


Membership into the United Assembly of Christian Churches (UACC), is open to Churches, Fellowships, Non-Profit Organizations and Business of like faith and beliefs. Membership falls within three categories, Apostolic Covering, Dual Alignment, and Corporate Affiliation.

Presiding Prelate

Apostle Adrian S. Weeks is married to the Beautiful Dr. Kimara Weeks. Often referred to as the "Preacher and the Prophet," they are quickly becoming one of the most recognized Power Couples in Ministry.

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