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Membership into the United Assembly of Christian Churches (UACC), is open to Churches, Fellowships, Non-Profit Organizations and Business of like faith and beliefs. Membership falls within three categories, Apostolic Covering, Dual Alignment, and Corporate Affiliation. • Apostolic Covering: Joining in this capacity allows your ministry the benefits of coming into union with UACC. This allows any member of clergy within your church to be properly credentialed by an Organization that has a full and proven lineage of Apostolic Succession. • Dual Alignment: This is for members of the Christian Community that see the benefit of walking in fellowship with UACC, but are also active within their current denomination. This membership track allows you the benefits of becoming a UACC member without leaving any particular Christian Denomination that is in agreement with the UACC Tenets of Fellowship. The pastors that choose this track will have to go through training that is taught by our Bishop of Denominational Inclusion. • Corporate Affiliation: Entrepreneurship is extremely important to the development of the local community. UACC, is committed to the Spiritual Covering of For profit Businesses and Non-Profit Orgainizations alike. We understand that they are the key to job creation within the Community and beyond. By joining us, Business leaders will gain Biblical Knowledge and Pinciples on leadership, wealth creation, and philanthropy. • Membership Fees: There is a one time $100 non-refundable application fee. Each Member, Church, or Organization of UACC is required to pay a $40 per month membership seed. If you are a member of the Clergy that is not currently Pastoring a church, we are asking for a $25 membership seed per month.

Online Membership Application

We are extremely excited that you're interested in becoming a part of the UACC Family! Please take a few minutes and complete the application to the right, so we can move further with the process. Please be advised that your application CANNOT be reviewed and processed, without payment of our NON-REFUNDABLE $50.00 Application, Administrative & Processing Fee! 

You can take care of the fee, by clicking on our GIVING TAB and selecting Application Fee on the Drop Down Menu, after completing the application and submitting. 

Someone will be in touch with you in 7-10 Business days, or ASAP, after the application and all applicable fees have been received. 

Thank you! 

Name, Current Title & Church's Name*

Email, Phone & Church, Business or Organization's Website

Are You Joining as a UACC Pastor, Business or Organization

Church, Business or Organization's Address

How long has Church, Business or Organization Existed?

Are You Seeking Covering or Affiliation?

Number of Members/Partners/ Employees or Officers

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